Dbo Agreement

The graph below shows the contractual structure of a typical BOT project or concession, including loan agreements, the shareholders` agreement between the project company`s shareholders, and the subcontracts of the operating contract and construction contract typically concluded between the project company and a member of the project companies consortium. Each project will have some variation of this contractual structure depending on its particular requirements: not all BOT projects require a guaranteed delivery of inputs, so a fuel/input supply contract may not be required. Cash flow can be made in part or in full by public tariffs and not by a purchaser. Concessions, build-operate projects (BOT) and design construction projects (BODs) are types of production-oriented public-private partnerships. BOT and BOD projects typically include major construction plans and work, as well as long-term operations for new construction (Greenfield) or major renovation and expansion projects (Brownfield). Below are definitions for each type of agreement, as well as important functions and examples of each agreement. This page also contains links to industry-specific checklists, toolkits, and PPP information. RULES OF PROCEDURE IN THE EVENT OF A DISPUTE MEMBERS OF THE BOARD When preparing these contractual conditions for design, construction and operation projects, the working group responsible for the preparation has endeavoured to include in the general conditions all the general conditions that may apply to the majority of BOD contracts. However, it was recognized that there are many key provisions that are of particular importance for each project. These are to be included as contractual data and can be found in the special conditions of Part A – Contractual Data. In addition, it was recognized that many employers or Governments, or even different jurisdictions, in particular where the general conditions of sale were to be used for national contracts, might require special contractual conditions or even special procedures different from those of the general conditions of sale. For this reason, the document also allows special conditions Part B – Special Provisions that contain advice for interview writers who may want to add special provisions to replace or supplement the clauses of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Users who wish to adopt these terms of use in a different scenario or with a significantly different operating life from the planned 20-year period are referred to the FIDIC DBO Contract Guide (to be published later by FIDIC), which identifies areas for change and contains detailed policies and proposals, how they should be addressed.

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