We accept all common credit cards (MASTER, VISA, JCB, DINERS and AMERICAN EXPRESS). The credit card must be valid for at least 3 months from the date of rental and be physically available at the time of collection of the vehicle. All rentals are subject to a deductible, optional insurances are available for the deductible. • The duration of the lease cannot exceed 62 days. If a rental is longer than 62 days, additional reservations are required to accommodate the total number of days. The number of days booked for each booking can be split if necessary, unless the booking does not exceed 62 days. The lease must be renewed at a participating location and, therefore, the customer must return to the site to do so. For example, a 70-day rent can be booked with a 62-day reservation and an 8-day reservation or can be booked on a 40-day and 30-day reservation. For each rental period, additional reservations/coupons must be provided at the counter to extend the rent registration before the 63rd day (or any day on which the rent has been allocated).

If the vehicle is returned elsewhere than the original rental location, a delivery fee may be incurred. 2. Personal Protective Plan (PPP): PPP includes Personal Accident Insurance («PAI») and Personal Effects Insurance (PEI) and must be purchased jointly when offered. The PPP is not available in Canada. a. PAI: provides the tenant and tenants with services for accidental medical expenses, ambulance fees and accidental death services during the rental. If this optional coverage is acquired by a tenant, the renter is insured twenty-four hours a day for all accidents, whether or not the renter is in the rental vehicle at the time of the accident. Passengers in a DOLLAR vehicle are only insured for accidents that occur while passengers are occupying the DOLLAR vehicle. b. PEI: insures the personal belongings of the tenant and any member of the tenant`s immediate family traveling with the tenant. A member of a tenant`s immediate family must have a permanent residence in the tenant`s household. If this optional coverage is purchased by the tenant, PEI only covers personal belongings with which the tenant or direct family member travels.

PEI pays the covered debts, even if the tenant`s landlord`s policy provides coverage. You won`t pay the rent money back now, even though the manager said they would. • To be able to use PlatePass on these toll roads, customers must purchase the PlatePass product for the duration of the rental. Daily fees range from $8.99 to $21.49 per day, with a few weekly prices available in some markets. If this is not included in your prepaid rate, you will be charged at the beginning of the rental, a full tank of gasoline in an amount equal to the price of the self-service pumps. You must make the vehicle as empty as possible. No refunds are given for unused fuel. Many makes and models: Dollar Rent a Car offers 16 types of rentals, from economy cars to convertibles to off-road outdoor options.

A pre-authorization is deducted from the tenant`s credit card at the time of rental. Pre-authorization varies between AED 2000 and AED 5500 depending on the type of vehicle. We maintain pre-authorization for up to 15 days, until we receive late road penalties and Salik updates from Dubai`s Road and Transport Authority (RTA). • Free shuttle service – there is no tour rental fee. Energy surcharge – Separately from the cost of refuelling leased vehicles, energy costs account for a significant portion of dollar operating costs.. . . .

So, what action did you take? Have you contacted your boss to have a face-to-face meeting? How did you solve the problem? You can show that you are willing to take responsibility for the problem and solve it. That is exactly what the head of human resources wants to hear. Do not minimize your role in spreading the situation. Above all, keep in mind to be real in every interview. By showing your true self, the interviewer can judge not only your conflict resolution abilities, but also whether or not you fit their business well. This answer is exactly the kind of situation that can occur if there is more than one layer! Note, however, the way it was designed: the employee told us what was normally going on and what he was trying to do. He put the expectations in advance. .

Compensation. You probably don`t need a lawyer to explain the dentist`s allowance, so I`ll be brief. I often see that dentists receive a basic fixed salary + an incentive based on the net income generated by the dentist himself. For example, the dentist could benefit from an incentive of X% of the gross turnover achieved by $Y (Y are income-related expenses, including the allocation of overheads, .b breaking point in income). You can find more information about this in my article – Compensation structures for group dental practices. Term and Termination. I prefer that a dentist`s employment contract or a contract with an independent contractor be entered into at will with notice, which means that either the dentist or the practice can terminate the relationship at any time (after the expiration of the notice period) for any reason. I prefer a free relationship rather than locking both parties contractually into a relationship that doesn`t work – this only leads to unfortunate ends and disputes. Some of the most common contractual terms of a dentist employment contract that a dentist should look for are w2 employees or independent contractors, commission/salary, patient volume, fees for the dentist`s exit strategy, additional benefits and leisure, as well as immigration, to name a few. The second article of that contract of employment («II.

Term») provides a default language that allows us to define when the practitioner starts working for the employer and when this agreement will be concluded. Start with the indication of the first calendar date on which the employment relationship between the employer and the practitioner officially begins in the first two spaces of this article.