However, a newcomer who wants to buy or sell real estate in Pakistan may have other questions: after all, you need to bring the stamp paper labeled with the deed of sale to the sub-regulation office, as well as all the required documents above. Here, a magistrate/sub-registrar listens to both parties involved in the compromise. As soon as he is satisfied with the procedure, the official in question authorizes the settlement and registers the deed. For housing companies, you usually need a letter from the company for the transfer. It is essentially a substitute for private housing programs. You will need it before you can execute the deed of sale. The full details of the property, the terms of the sale property, the total amount of money the seller pays, the date on which the buyer will pay the full amount of the money (according to Bayana and Token). Other real estate documents in Pakistan may vary depending on the location of the property. · How to determine the right price for the sale of real estate in Pakistan? Generally speaking, the taxes you have to pay include the following. This is the percentage of the value of the property: · How do you find the right type of real estate agent? Our commercial real estate team is competent, professional and experienced. Clients include private developers, development companies, small businesses, merchants, owners of office buildings, warehouses and business parks. We are at home as for the owners at home and we work.

Property Litigation Department Legally, someone owns real estate if they have a «title» for it. In Pakistan, the transfer of ownership in principle involves the transfer of ownership from one person to another. That the second part ofRs_____________ the balance of the consideration for sale (Rupees ____ That the Seller is responsible for all debts, taxes, property taxes and electricity taxes/bills, etc., payable/royalties to the CDA, government or any other relevant authority at the time of the transfer of such ownership. If the seller refuses this agreement or does not transfer the house/property in question on behalf of the buyer or his nominee(s), the seller is responsible and is obliged to immediately pay double the Biana money received to the buyer. And in this case, the buyer is also allowed to enter into this agreement by the court on the seller`s risk and costs….