More than jointly setting up on the same tower or sharing backhaul installations, network sharing allows customers of both companies to access the same eNodeB antennas and base stations on any mobile phone site on their respective networks. TELUS and Bell are building 5G on the same footprint, with Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung providing the same equipment for both networks. Telus` LTE service was introduced on February 10, 2012 through a partnership with Bell. [12] Telus promotes this network at download speeds of up to 110 Mbps and its LTE Advanced network at download speeds of up to 225 Mbps.[13] Bell and Telus have independent EPC and IMS networks (IMS is used for VoLTE in particular). The core network authenticates users` SIM cards, tracks usage and billing, ends calls, provides text messages, and connects data sessions to the Internet. All Bell and Telus-eNodeB in Canada are connected to both Bell and Telus cores. According to details on the Canadian government website, Bell and Telus filed a joint application for license sharing in the AWS-3 band with ISED on December 20, 2019. ISED says the two companies have applied to «advance their network sharing agreement.» On November 5, 2009, Telus launched HSPA+ services, the day after Bell introduced the services to its network. Much of the 3G infrastructure is shared between the two carriers. [9] This network operates on 850/1900 MHz frequencies.

Finally, ISED stated that the sharing agreement «would not affect the ability of existing or future competitors to provide services in the relevant areas». Bell and Telus share RANs across Canada. They share 3G and LTE RANs. In some cities (Vancouver), Telus has the RAN and Bell users can use it. In other cities (Toronto), it`s the other way around. This allows Bell and Telus to spend less money to create a network, while both benefit. In a city like Toronto, there are only 3 RAN operators: Rogers, Bell, Shaw (Freedom Mobile/Wind). Any other company that sells services really uses the RAN of these 3 companies.

Telus Mobility Postpaid customers with a compatible smartphone can subscribe to Skype (and previously Rdio) and charge for the service on their monthly bill. Use of both services on the Telus Mobility network requires a subscription to one of the provider`s data rates or add-ons. [23] This is how bell customers in Vancouver use TELUS` RAN. In major eastern cities like Toronto, TELUS customers use the Bell network.

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