For social media managers who work with clients, this includes confidential information such as passwords for social accounts, ideas presented, accounting information, etc. 5. Reluctance can show respect for others. For example, some information may not be confidential per se, but it may not be your place to share it. This may be an upcoming marketing campaign that the marketing director is very proud of. Showing the storyboards before the campaign is live is disrespectful. Not only are you exceeding your limits, but you`re also stealing something from the CSP`s thunder. Similarly, some posts and comments may be insurrectionable, pejorative, or even misunderstood. Employment-related social media posts can not only damage the company`s reputation, but also hurt employees` relationships and morals. Ask yourself if your contributions are adequate, respectful, constructive and non-offensive. In the case of EEOC participation, a separation/severance agreement was offered to the outgoing employees and one of the provisions of the agreement required the separating employee to maintain confidentiality by not talking to others about severance pay and other issues in the workplace.

Similarly, in the second case, a former school principal had sued his former employer for discrimination in the workplace. The parties agreed and one of the provisions of the agreement focused on confidentiality, which was eventually violated. 2. The tendency to overshare can have serious consequences. In the following examples, companies could be heavily punished for leaking protected health information. Violating a confidentiality agreement may jeopardize the agreement or risk businesses. Other possible consequences are bad publicity, lost business, low employee morale and embarrassment. Companies can lose their competitive edge if false information, trade secrets or messages that they have not yet been able to share with the world come out.

According to its definition, «social media» focuses on communication, spreading the word, engaging readers, sharing, creating discussions, and/or gaining attention. And people have aspired for centuries to perfect and master communication with others. Even Wikipedia`s «Social Media» statement states that «one of the first signs of human social media was the painting of rock walls.» Today, electronic social media consists of a set of tools to improve communication and connections between friends, family, colleagues and businesses. This means that social media in the workplace has become mainstream. Privacy and social networks. Two competing forces that are employed and needed in the workplace. Is there a perfect way to make social media and the law work in harmony? Snay went to court to enforce the settlement agreement, and he won….

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