Calm theme, pop/folk, dreamy piano, aerial guitar, strings, bass and beautiful drums. Ideal for weddings, natural videos, advertising, travel content, vlogs, slideshows and more. Sweet and moving and romantic orchestral track. Ideally, unlicensed music for wedding ceremonies, love scenes, romantic films or joyous celebrations. «I`m Coming Home» is a sweet folk song with a catchy piano melody that celebrates success and freedom. Encapsulated in memorable rhythms that awaken feelings of «new beginning» and «new beginning.» Perfect music for the wedding ceremony. A positive and optimistic acoustic guitar and piano duo. Excellent musical background for family material, precious memories, love and endless friendships, wedding tips and ideas, engagement videos, romantic escapades and commercials. Have a good time! Warm and inspiring acoustic trace for all productions or commercials that need a pleasant and gentle acoustic atmosphere. Ideal for business actions, business presentations, love story, rustic wedding, birth, family scenes, Youtube videos, radio, TV, podcasts, etc. Soft and emotional piano music, ideal for situations of love and love. This ballad is calm, empathetic and calm.

Good song like ceremonial music for the wedding. A positive and joyful acoustic guitar and a piano track that can be suitable as background music in slideshows, commercials, photo albums, wedding videos, film, Youtube, etc. It is a beautiful acoustic and emotional folk music with a beautiful guitar, piano, strings, electric bass and bells. Perfect background music for weddings, love stories, sweet moments, views of nature, friends and family videos, warm stories, nostalgic and somewhat dramatic videos and much more. It`s sincere and inspiring acoustic music with guitar, piano, strings, bass and light drums. Beautiful background music for wedding videos, love stories, family slideshows or other media projects. The main melody features a simple but joyful marimba and chime, the Marimba taking a personal life during the song. The use of bell sounds from the xylophone and chime gives the melody a positive and luminous atmosphere. A great track for every use in each project, which needs joyful, carefree and positive background music. An intriguing and fascinating classical melody, with a touching and tender melody. Ideal background music for romantic drama, family reunions, natural landscape, motivational speeches, wedding day and much more.

More inspiring, dramatic, hopeful and beautiful cinematic soundtrack. Touching, solemn, tender, elegant, encouraging. Perfect as background music for inspiring commercials, Christian projects, sentimental videos, personal growth coaching, life successes, romantic wedding ceremonies, charity videos and much more. An amazing aspect of music is that it involves much more than the brain. It actually strengthens the heart and improves recovery time for anyone with heart disease. Listening to special music, useful on such occasions, will release endorphins in the brain and through the vascular system.

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