[name name-«macxpress» url»/t/162115/google-bid-10b-for-whatsapp-made-separate-odd-offer-facebook-deal-was-struck-post_2474873″] It just seems to me that Google buys companies just to buy them. There is absolutely no reason to buy google some of the companies they do, except to buy them before someone else does. If I were a shareholder, it would me off. It`s nice to buy a business if you intend to use it for a real purpose, either to publish a new product, or to make an existing product better, but to buy one just to buy it before someone else does it is just stupid for me. [/quote] and where is the outrage of all technology users about large companies swooping and buying small businesses just because they can? Look what Google did to Motorola. They took the right bits at Moto and then they sold what they didn`t want. If Apple had, the outrage would have been enormous. Come November and your WhatsApp backup will not be taken into account in your Google Drive storage file. This step comes as a result of a new agreement between Facebook owned WhatsApp and Google. «Due to a new agreement between WhatsApp and Google, WhatsApp backups are no longer charged on the Google Drive storage quota,» Google said in its statement. «However, all WhatsApp backups that have not been updated in more than a year will be automatically removed from memory,» he added.

WhatsApp uses an adapted version of the default messaging and presence protocol (XMPP). [154] When installing, a user account is created to use its phone number as a username (jabber-ID: [phone number]@s.whatsapp.net). Facebook`s surprise $16 billion acquisition of WhatsApp yesterday may not have been part of the messaging company`s only offer. Fortune reports that Google has offered to buy WhatsApp for $10 billion. In a brief report on the rumor offer, Fortune notes that two separate sources have offered Google to buy WhatsApp, but it is not clear exactly when the search giant tried to arrange a deal. The offer was made right without the promise of a seat on Google`s board of directors, contrary to Facebook`s agreement. WhatsApp was officially available at the end of January 2015 via a web client called WhatsApp Web[141] by an ad from Koum on its Facebook page for PCs: «Our web client is simply an extension of your phone: the web browser reflects the conversations and messages of your mobile device, which means that all your messages are still alive on your mobile phone.» The WhatsApp user`s handset must remain connected to the Internet for the browser application to work. All major desktop browsers are supported with the exception of Internet Explorer.

WhatsApp Web`s user interface is based on the default Android user interface and can be accessed via web.whatsapp.com. Access is granted after users scan their personal QR code via their WhatsApp mobile app. In 2014, an unofficial open-source plug-in, whatsapp-purple, was released for Pidgin, which implements its XMPP and allows you to use WhatsApp on pc with Microsoft Windows and Linux. [132] [Source requires] WhatsApp responded by blocking phone numbers that used the plug-in. [Citation required] WhatsApp and Google have agreed that from November 12, WhatsApp backups will no longer escape from your Google`s cloud storage space.

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