These examples suggest that archaic English terms can be used in many non-archaic concepts or arabic models. Omission can also be used in the translation of archaic terms, as they do not affect the meaning of the entire text. The term «by this» can be used in the Arabic translation of (I herely declare … I declare). This lease was granted and concluded…. (literal translation) As mentioned above, doublets appear in two-word forms such as the first two examples or three-word forms in the last example. These terms are repeated in legal documents and the meaning of each term may have some legal implication, sometimes doublets are synonymous, but sometimes they are not and synonyms are also problematic as a concept. Therefore, the translation of these translations must be done with care. The translation of doublets and triplets into culturally and system-based documents, such as marriages, divorce contracts and official documents, varies.

They can sometimes be literally included in the TT, where the repetition of the two terms occurs, as in the examples cited in [28]: the common law has different meanings: unlike civil law, it covers legal systems based on English law; unlike justice, this means the regulatory framework developed by the registry court; contrary to legislation, this means the right of the judge [39, p. 176]. The translation of `pm` is performed as `afternoon`, which can be interpreted vaguely by those who are not aware of the times of prayer and the connection between them and the status of sun. Thus, one can either expand the meaning below or give the corresponding time (-noon): the following equivalents are the equivalents of the Arabic word (null/non-endorsement), which seems to combine both the meaning of zero and not entitled: the legal documents contain common terms having legal meaning such as » distress, distress, distress Given the nature, construction, withdrawal, tendering, attitude and preference,» [27, p. xvii], whose Arabic counterparties are listed below: Since these usual concepts may have a specific legal scope in the legal context, they require more effort and vigilance on the part of the translator. An example of the above list is the term «offer,» that is, in a legal context, «formally offer a means or proof or money to the debt.» An example of triplets is «I give, I dedicate all my properties,» which can be translated as «-«.

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