Keep the completed W-9 form in the file. At the end of the year, use form W-9 to complete IRS Form 1099-MISC for each subcontractor you paid. Form 1099-MISC tells the IRS what revenue the subcontractor received from your business. Also submit Form 1096 to show the total amount you paid to all of your 1,099 subcontractors. For more information on the subcontractor`s history, ask for references or examples from customers. Talk to other people who have been associated with the subcontractor to get a snapshot of their work. Ask for at least two references. Maintaining separation between subcontractors and staff duties helps to avoid misunderstandings or allegations of misclassification of staff by the IRS. Subcontractors should only work on subcontracting projects and tasks, work remotely or on a temporary workstation, and provide compute and other electronic equipment necessary to carry out tasks, unless otherwise stated in the agreement. The Voluntary Settlement Classification Program (CSV) is an optional program that allows taxpayers to reclassify their employees as employees for future periods of employment tax, partially exempting taxpayers who agree to treat their employees (or a class or group of workers) from federal tax on work in forward-looking terms. To participate in this voluntary program, the applicant must meet certain eligibility requirements, apply to participate in the CSV by filing Form 8952, applying for a voluntary classification program, and entering into a conclusion agreement with the IRS. But, you have to be careful if you make a 1099 contract contract. You don`t want to classify an employee as a subcontractor.

The IRS monitors the classification of work. Poor labour classification can be costly and you could expect penalties and IRS fees. If you work with a 1099 subcontractor, you are not responsible for payroll deduction. The subcontractor pays the payroll tax on staff and the employer. Let the work force fill out the W-9 form to show that it pays all payroll taxes. A subcontractor may be independent and provide general contractors with consulting, graphic design, writing, editing or data recording and analysis services, or work for a temporary work agency or human resources department. In some cases, general contractors mandate other general contractors to act as subcontractors for a project. Unlike independent contractors, subcontractors do not work directly for a client, but for the contractor of the client. It is important to know how the 1099 subcontractor works before hiring them. Ask the work force to see examples of its previous work.

A subcontractor may have a website or portfolio. If you paid $600 or more to someone who is not your employee, par. For example, a subcontractor, lawyer or accountant, for services provided during the year, a Form 1099-NEC must be completed and a copy of 1099 NEC must be provided to the independent holder by January 31 of the year following payment. You must also send a copy of this form to the IRS by January 31. Each of these tax forms is two separate tax forms used to identify the type of employee who has been compensated by a contractor or entity. The W-2 is made available to employees who have worked directly for a company and identifies the amount of public and federal taxes that have been withheld by the company on behalf of the employee. Form 1099 is available to subcontractors who were not directly employed by the company and were therefore not retained for IRS tax. The tax rate between a subcontractor receiving a 1099 is very different from that of a worker receiving a W-2, so it is imperative that the corresponding form be made available to him.

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