Tenants also have the right to be in the dwelling when it is open for inspection. If the property is a house, the owner/agent cannot attend an on-site auction unless you agree. Depends on your laws. In some countries, it would not be illegal for a rental landlord to decide that he or she would change his mind about selling a property as long as he has followed legal procedures to terminate a lease with you. As a general rule, the person who buys your landlord`s property will probably continue to rent it out. People who buy real estate with tenants who live probably own their own initiative or want to become one. This is a great investment plan, as the property is already occupied and income is available immediately. It also reduces marketing and rental costs as well as cosmetic repairs and improvements. In this case, you, the tenant, have nothing to fear.

Check the laws of the state. Some states allow tenants to break the lease as soon as a property has been sold. Other states do not have status over tenants` rights when real estate is sold. I do not think it is important to know who designed the lease, if you signed it and the owner signed it. Hello, a year ago, I have to be warned to leave the house in 60 days, because my landlord is not paying the mortgage, there were 4 houses. Homes can only be sold together, they cannot sell separately. So I have to find a place to go fast and after that time they don`t sell the houses and now they are back to rent. It`s legal, I`m losing the house, and now they`re renting instead of selling? Many tenants are uncomfortable with the idea that foreigners constantly come through their homes, while open houses and shows.

Unfortunately, a tenant can complain about this part of the process. Your landlord must notify you 24 hours in advance (or whatever the termination obligation for your condition) before a real estate agent, inspector or someone shows up and does not enter your property – but he does not have to respond to your request to always be present during these events. Try to work with your landlord to find a solution that makes you feel comfortable and where your landlord is always able to sell his home. Remember, the more accommodating you are during the sales process, the faster it could be sold and this whole ordeal will be over. The new owner or his lawyers must verify that the property and the tenant comply with the legal requirements for renting in the UK. Tenants have the right to live in a safe and protected environment. Any repair problems should be reported to the owner or manager. In return, they (the lessor or agent) must make the repairs on time. Regardless of the sale of the property, they must take responsibility for the repair and maintenance. This is imposed by the Landlords and Tenants Act 1985. Landlords can be brought to justice if they allow the property to become dangerous or dangerous to tenants.

When a property is sold, the rental agreement is usually transferred to the new owner and the tenant is required to complete the term of the tenancy with the new owner. The building was apparently sold even before we signed the lease with a neighbour of the agency, but the owner only mentioned that it had been sold this week (only 3 months after moving in), so we are preparing to move in the next 30 days to free ourselves from this place. However, the lease is vague, since it stipulates that we must evacuate in 90 days, so the owner says we must stay the 90 days if the email from the realtor specifies that we must take «up to 90 days» to evacuate.

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