If you`ve gotten this far in the car buying guide, then congratulations, because this is what I think is one of the most important, if not the most important, steps in buying a car. In response to physical distancing regulations, Planet Hyundai is proud to participate in long-term car rental contracts with dealers or «extended test drives.» We take the well-being of our employees and customers seriously. We brought our sales staff from the showroom to their home. Telecommuting. We continue to have access to our inventory and encourage our customers to take longer test drives with the vehicles they are interested in. What is it? A car loan agreement (BCA) allows a car buyer to take possession of one of the vehicles on our Planet Hyundai for a period of 24 hours. Now that you know the meaning of the loan car contract. What do you want to do next? This is so much easier to do if you`re not in a hurry and if you`re in a pressure-free environment where no salesperson or relative is trying to push you to make a deal now. . It`s such a simple step, but 99% of all car buyers I`ve worked with don`t.

Do yourself a favor and don`t buy a car without reading this extremely valuable little tip. How does it work? Fill out the downloadable BCA form above, take a photo of your driver`s license and a photo/document of your current auto insurance card and email them to drivehyundai@planethyundai.com Check the car buying guide table of contents when returning from – Car contract borrowed from the Car Buying Guide once we have your BCA form, your driver`s license and insurance – we will contact you and set up a vehicle delivery. Borrowing the car for the night will allow you to wake up the next morning with a clear head and really determine if this is the right car for you. What do I need? Sign up for the BCA by filling out a downloadable PDF file located above. You will need currently active car insurance, a valid driver`s license and must be over the age of 21. This is an extremely important step, please do yourself a favor and don`t skip it! If you don`t follow this very simple car buying advice, you risk a very bad case of car buyer remorse. In other words, the dealer will allow you to fulfill a borrowed car contract (BCA) to rent the car for the night. Does it cost anything? No.

We offer BCA customers who are interested in buying a vehicle and want to be sure it`s right for them. It also allows you to go home and check all the numbers and do some research to see if the deal you`re getting is a «good deal» for you. For Fedex a car, car salesman is the slang for renting the car overnight. .

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